WATCH: Kimmel, Stewart, Letterman, Leno take jabs at latest Rob Ford video

ABOVE: Watch Jon Stewart skewer Rob Ford again following latest video

TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was once again the butt of jokes on Thursday’s late night TV talk shows.

The skits and jokes follow the release of yet another video on Thursday where a seemingly outraged Ford is seen threatening murder in an expletive-laced tirade.

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Once again, The Daily Show host and comedian Jon Stewart tore at Ford Thursday night.

“As you know, all week we have been following Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he’s been filming the footage for his forthcoming VH1 Behind the Music episode,” said Stewart.

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“And he has seemingly as mayor survived his crack smoking admission, well, what will test his ability to stay in public office today?”

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“Has it occurred to Mayor Rob Ford that all these videos of him smoking crack and acting crazy are an indication that even his friends are going ‘no one is going to believe this [expletive],” said Stewart.

“It’s clear to me now that he smokes crack to calm himself,” said Stewart as he shows the latest Ford video.

WATCH: Jay Leno jokes about latest video of Rob Ford

Jay Leno also roasted the mayor over his latest video.

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“…This time he admitted he was really drunk, but he blamed it because he was high on crack,” said the comedian.

Despite warm weather in Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel said he’s “very jealous [he’s] not in Toronto, where the ongoing saga of Mayor Rob Ford is better than any good weather ever can be.”

Kimmel then references Ford’s apology on Tuesday where the mayor admitted he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago while he was in what he calls a “drunken stupor.”

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel mocks Toronto Mayor Rob Ford after newest video released

“As if that wasn’t good enough, there’s a new video that was obtained by The Toronto Star. I’m not sure what is going on here or who the mayor was talking about, let’s just say its amazing and leave it at that,” said Kimmel.

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After showing the audience the video with Ford in an apparent rage, Kimmel responds:

“I would pay $10,000 to watch him [Ford] fight somebody by the way, $20,000 if he did it in his underwear. The best part is what you just saw there is the second most embarrassing video of him out there. We still haven’t seen the original video with the crack in it.”

“Now obviously the mayor had some questions to answer today, so he spoke to reporters outside his office where he answered none of them.”

Prior to ending off his skit, Kimmel asks, “What is going on in Toronto?”

On The Late Late Show, comedian Craig Ferguson also referenced Ford in his monologue.

On The Late Late Show, comedian Craig Ferguson also referenced Ford in his monologue. In the skit, Ferguson showed an edited image of Ford dressed up as the Marvel character, Thor. (Photo credit: YouTube/Screengrab).

Thor: The Dark World is about a giant godlike Adonis with powers of invincibility. You got a picture?” and shows an edited image of Ford dressed up as the Marvel character (see screen grab above).

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WATCH: Craig Ferguson on Rob Ford (Nov 8)

(Editor’s note: In Greek mythology, Adonis is the god of beauty and desire).

“Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto, I am not going to talk about him anymore. We’ve been talking about him all week. No more about him…until the sketch tomorrow night,” said Ferguson.

WATCH: David Letterman jokes about Mayor Ford’s approval rating

On The Late Show, David Letterman continued to go after Ford questioning how his approval ratings went up after his crack admission.

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“Is everybody up there on crack, is that the deal?” said Letterman.

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