At a glance: Highlights of Quebec’s charter of values

A glimpse of what conspicuous religious symbols are acceptable and unacceptable for government employees to wear in the Quebec government proposed Charter of Values. Caroline Plante/Global News

QUEBEC – The Parti Quebecois government tabled its charter of values on Thursday as Bill 60.

Some highlights:

– Affirms the notions of religious neutrality of the state and of the equality between men and women.

– Makes it mandatory for public-sector employees and people they are serving to have their faces uncovered.

– Prohibits members of public bodies from wearing objects such as headgear, clothing, jewelry or other conspicuous adornments that overtly indicate a religious affiliation.

– Provides for “dialogue” with a supervisor for a first offence before disciplinary measures apply. Failure to comply can lead to a firing. Compliance would be treated as a mandatory job condition.

– Provides for a five-year five-year transition period, with health-care institutions granted a longer phase-in.

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– States that the primacy of French will be added to the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms, setting up a potential legal conflict with the Canadian Constitution.

Read Bill 60 in full below: