Montreal buses struggling to be on time, data shows

Click to play video: 'Bus delays increasing STM data shows'
Bus delays increasing STM data shows
WATCH: If you’re having a hard time relying on STM to get you to your destination on time, you’re not alone. The STM has published date showing that for the past few months, their buses have been struggling to be punctual. Global’s Gloria Henriquez explains,

If you find yourself waiting longer and longer for your bus, you’re not dreaming.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has published data showing that for the past few months, its buses have been struggling to be on time.

Every single month this year the STM has seen a decline in its buses’ punctuality.

But September was the worst month. Punctuality dropped 10 per cent when compared to January from 86 per cent to 76.8 per cent.

In September 2021, punctuality rates were at 80.1 per cent.

“This is not acceptable,” said Aref Salem, leader of Montreal’s official Opposition.

“When we know that the Chamber of Commerce want people to come back, when we know even the City of Montreal want the people to come back downtown, this is going to make people furious to take public transit and they’re not going to be on time.”

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From feedback riders have given the STM, they’re not happy about late buses.

In a survey conducted by the transit authority, people cited delays as their number one reason to be dissatisfied with the service.

The STM says it sees delays every September.

“Historically, we experience a slight drop in punctuality during September each year compared to the other months of the year and then it improves until the end of the year,” wrote STM spokesperson Justine Lord-Dufour in a statement.

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“This is can be explained by the impacts of roadwork (which is important at that time of year), and new traffic patterns with the back to school period.”

In addition, Lord-Dufour writes that it is normal to see the data from this year decrease compared to the pandemic period.

“The punctuality of our buses was better during those years given the reduced bus ridership and less traffic on the road,” Lord-Dufour wrote.

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Meanwhile, Eric Alan Caldwell, city councillor and chair of the board of directors of the STM, said during Monday’s city council meeting that they have taken steps to improve bus service, such as the “Mouvement bus” initiative, which aim to improve the experience of users.

Some of its measures include adding reserved lanes, the addition of 300 new buses and a redesign of the bus network.

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