New YouTube channel showcases Saskatchewan’s beauty from above

Drone footage capturing Gainsborough, Saskatchewan at sundown. Prokop Productions
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New YouTube channel showcases Saskatchewan’s beauty from above

Small town Saskatchewan has never looked better.

Two brothers from Estevan are showing you don’t need epic mountain ranges, lakes and waterfalls to capture stunning drone visuals.

Their new YouTube channel Prokop Productions highlights the beauty from above the Canadian plains with a focus on small rural towns across Saskatchewan.

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Taylan Prokop inherited his interest in drones from his uncle who founded Prairie Fire Photography.

Taylan eventually picked up his own drone and, after some browsing, he realized there was a lack of videos online that showed off rural Saskatchewan.

So he made his first video soaring through the skies of Carnduff where he now lives and posted it to Facebook.

Drone footage capturing a street scene in Carnduff, Saskatchewan. Prokop Productions

The video took off and racked up thousands of views.

“People loved it, so I was like, why don’t I make a YouTube channel and do this kind of stuff all the time?” said Prokop.

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That was two months ago and now the Prokop Productions YouTube channel has amassed a catalog of drone videos from small towns like Gainsborough, Carievale.

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The channel also explores interesting locations like the Rafferty Dam near Estevan.

Taylan’s older brother Mason was already familiar with drones after flying them at his former mining job.

So the brothers decided to join forces with Mason, doing Alberta content as he now lives in Edmonton.

Aerial view of the Rafferty Dam near Estevan, Saskatchewan. Prokop Productions

The brothers say the prairies lend themselves to very calming crisp visuals, especially around sundown.

“Look at our two provinces and the sky views you get and the amazing shots of clouds going by unimpeded. It’s just the vastness of it all that so great for drone footage,” said Mason.

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For the brothers, it’s not as simple as getting your drone in the sky and hitting record.

After studying and learning from other videos online, the Prokop boys figured out certain flight paths and moves that produce the best content.

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“Lots of them are orbits of the subject or pushing in flying forward, rising and rotating the gimbal doing three different movements at once,” said Taylan.

Both brothers have invested around $1,000 each into the channel, with most of that going toward various drone-related equipment.

Carievale, Saskatchewan is highlighted with drone footage. Prokop Productions

The drones they both fly weigh 249 grams, which in Canada absolves them from having to register and become licensed drone pilots.

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“You need to be registered pilot if you have a drone that is over 250 grams. So that is where these manufacturers step in and put out the 249 gram drone for the lay person,” said Mason.

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The brother say they still follow all the required drone flying rules.

Such as keeping 30 meters away from people, no flying over private property, airspace, government facilities and prisons among many others.

The app they use to control their drone has geo-fencing built into the system which won’t allow you to take off in no fly zones.

From high above a Saskatchewan farmer is hard at work. Prokop Productions

The channel is currently a hobby but the brothers would love to travel and cover more small towns across the prairies.

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For now, they’re happy interacting in the comment section of their videos as locals give praise to their drones eye view.

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