‘Focus Saskatchewan’ explores the province’s changing agriculture industry

Focus Saskatchewan premiers Saturday's at 6:30 p.m. CST on Global Regna and Saskatoon. File / Global News

Focus Saskatchewan is back with a brand-new episode.

Last week, Global News took viewers through the life of Shamarika Kane and how she survived one of the largest tumors doctors have seen. As well, viewers experienced how the Government of Saskatchewan’s throne speech was overshadowed by the appearance of a former convicted killer.

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In episode four, Focus Saskatchewan will explore three unique topics, the first of which focuses on Saskatchewan’s changing agriculture industry.

With climate change reducing grazing land and feed yields, as well as fewer farmers going into the sector, Global News looks at the challenges facing Saskatchewan cattle farmers and the potential solutions.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: Cattle Farmers'
Focus Saskatchewan: Cattle Farmers

The episode will also look into the many subvariants of COVID-19. Dr. Angela Rasmussen breaks down what the subvariants of COVID-19 actually are and what they mean for Saskatchewan people.

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University of Saskatchewan and VIDO lab virologist Angela Rasmussen also clarifies what the many new COVID-19 subvariants could mean for the winter.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: COVID-19 Variants'
Focus Saskatchewan: COVID-19 Variants

Finally, Focus Saskatchewan takes us to the hockey rink, a place where Riley Ashe has been able to carry on his older brother’s legacy after he diedtwo years ago.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: Riley Ashe'
Focus Saskatchewan: Riley Ashe

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