Renovations proposed to historic Boathouse in Kitchener’s Victoria Park

The Boathouse in Kitchener's Victoria Park. Google Maps

A number of renovations to the Boathouse in Victoria Park are set to be considered by Kichener’s Heritage Committee, according to a release from the city.

It said that the proposal from the new tenants, Walkinshaw Holdings, at the historic site includes an addition to the west façade of the building to accommodate a new washroom, a cantilevered patio extending over a portion of Victoria Park Lake, as well as adjustments to windows and doors, including a new building entrance.

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The city also said that a heritage assessment has been conducted by the company, which found that the alterations will not impact the Victoria Park Neighborhood Heritage Conservation District.

It noted that the proposal also included measures such as planter beds, making sure the changes were compatible with the current structure and the installation of a commemorative plaque.

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The proposal from Walkinshaw Holdings, which is made up of a known group of entrepreneurs in the area, includes having paid local live music at least twice a week as well as locally sourced food and drink, according to Kitchener.

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