Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of Pierre Karl Péladeau over sister’s inheritance

Pierre Karl Peladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor, speaks with reporters in Ottawa on May 31, 2022. Patrick Doyle/The Canadian Press

The Supreme Court of Canada is refusing to hear an appeal by Quebec media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau and his brother of a ruling that awarded $36 million in inheritance to their sister.

Canada’s high court dismissed the appeal involving a more than 20-year-old family quarrel between the heirs of the late Quebecor founder Pierre Péladeau, and as is customary, it did not give a reason.

Superior Court Justice Gérard Dugré in 2020 ordered Placements Péladeau Inc., which controls the estate, to award Anne-Marie Péladeau $36 million plus interest and court costs.

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Her brothers, Erik and Pierre Karl — who is president and CEO of Quebecor — appealed that decision to Quebec’s highest court and lost in November 2021.

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Anne-Marie Péladeau had claimed $88 million in the dispute, which dates back to a settlement reached in 2000, three years after Pierre Péladeau died.

At the heart of the case was whether a clause in the contract with Anne-Marie Péladeau allowed her to receive certain yearly payments only if the dividends paid to the placement company by Quebecor exceeded $4.2 million.

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