5 Songs You Must Hear This Week: 27 June 2022

This week’s selection includes everything from an album inspired by the fever dreams of an Indian poet to a female power trio to a 30-second song that takes on the CEO of Spotify.

1. Pocket Gods, (The whole album)
Daniel Ek is Not the Antichrist He’s Just a Very Naughty Boy (Nub Music)
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England’s Pocket Gods are infamous for releasing songs that are just over 30 seconds each. Why? Because that’s how long anyone must stream a song before the streaming service pays out royalties to the artist. To make up for the pittance paid per stream, the Pocket Gods instead released vast numbers of 30-second songs. There are now 15 such albums which have resulted in eight Guinness Book of World Record nods. This latest album—can you guess the theme by its title?—has 95 such tracks. Here’s all of them. (And you’ll have to use this SoundCloud link. Spotify has just banned the album from its platform.)

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2. Two Door Cinema Club, Wonderful Life
Keep on Smiling (Glassnote)
RIYL: Northern Ireland pop-rock

Two Door Cinema Club says that their fifth album (coming September 2) is a throwback to the sound of their earlier work, especially this first single. A big North American tour starts on October 28 and brings them through Toronto on November 5 for a show at History.


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3. The Wombats. This Car Drives All By Itself
Fix Yourself, Not the World (AWAL)
RIYL: Autonomous vehicles?

Liverpool’s Wombats have released another single from their fifth album that embraces themes of fate and the unalterable will of the universe. Singer Matt Murphy was out walking his dogs when he noticed an electric car that didn’t seem to have anyone in the driver’s seat, hence the title of the song. There’s a metaphor in here somewhere.


4. Les Shirley, Random Call
Single (RPM)
RIYL: Psychoanalyzing people

Recorded at home in Montreal back in February when the temperature dipped to -28, this all-female power trio continues to refine their sound. There are elements of both classic rock and the 90s here but they’re augmented with some pretty sweet melodies and harmonies. Oh, and some cowbell. Because you know what they say…

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5. Young the Giant, Wake Up
American Bollywood (AWAL)
RIYL: South Asian mysticism

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from this LA quintet—four years, actually. According to lead vocalist Sameer Gahda, this track “involves a fever dream from the poet Vyasa of past lives and visions.” The album, which follows that theme, is divided into four acts: Origins, Exile, Battle, and Denouement. Heady stuff, no?

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