Building under construction collapses in Bedford, N.S.

Nobody was hurt after a building under construction in Bedford, N.S., collapsed Sunday afternoon. Submitted by Joanne Kimm

Nobody was injured after a building under construction in Bedford, N.S., collapsed Sunday afternoon.

The building, which will be the site of the future Larry Uteck Plaza on the corner of Larry Uteck Boulevard and Brookline Drive, had been under construction for about three weeks, according to developer Mori Salehi.

Salehi, of Larry Uteck Developments Ltd., told Global News Monday that nobody was on site when the building collapsed.

“I am so glad that nobody was hurt,” he said.

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Larry Uteck Plaza, which will house commercial offices and retail businesses, is scheduled to open in the fall. The collapse will set the project back by about two to three weeks, Salehi said.

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Salehi added the cause of the collapse is under investigation by the company, contractors and insurance. He said he’s confident that all rules and regulations were followed in the construction of the building.

The Department of Labour is also investigating, but a spokesperson said in an email that they do not have further updates as it is still early in the investigation.

‘Shocking’ to see

Joanne Kimm, who lives across the street from the construction site, said she and her husband heard what they thought was a dump truck unloading gravel Sunday afternoon.

“And then my husband looked out the window and said, ‘You know that dump truck we thought we heard?’” she said.

“We looked outside, and … three quarters of the roof had started to collapse and part of the wall on one side of the building was buckled out. So it was pretty shocking to see that.”

Workers appeared to be cleaning up part of the roof Monday. Submitted by Joanne Kimm

Kimm said she called 311 and the police non-emergency line, concerned that people might enter the site and get hurt. Later in the day, she saw workers observing the site and putting up yellow barrier tape.

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On Monday, workers on site were removing part of the roof that had fallen in, she said.

“It’s not something you typically see on a building site, so I think there will be a lot of questions asked,” she said.

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