3 men busted after students use fake transcripts to graduate from Waterloo Region school: police

A man in handcuffs. Getty Images

Waterloo Regional Police say three post-secondary students have been charged in connection with a fake transcript scam at a local post-secondary institution.

In March, police began to investigate fraudulent letters of permission and transcripts from six students who were enrolled at the unnamed school.

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Police allege that one suspect created fraudulent letters of permission and transcript documents for 17 courses from two international universities.

They say that the doctored documents were then sold to the other students, for a per course fee.

According to police, none of the students who were involved had completed any coursework connected with the bogus letters and transcripts.

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Two of the students graduated from the unnamed school in 2020, with course credits from the fake transcripts having helped to obtain degrees.

Police say they arrested three men between the ages of 23 and 25 who are now facing charges of uttering forged documents.

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