Woman was pulled over by police officer, not impersonator: B.C. RCMP

Flashing lights on top of police patrol car
Police say a woman thought she was pulled over by an RCMP impersonator near Greenwood. However, RCMP say it was an actual police officer. kali9 / iStock

A woman who says she was pulled over by a police impersonator was actually stopped by an RCMP officer.

That’s according to the B.C. RCMP, who released a statement on Tuesday regarding the May 11 incident in B.C.’s Southern Interior, stating they were doing so to address some misinformation on social media.

Last spring, the region was abuzz following press reports from the RCMP to be alert for a possible police impersonator allegedly pulling over vehicles for traffic stops.

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Police say this month’s incident featured a woman who alleged that a marked police vehicle pulled her over along Highway 3 as she was nearing the community of Greenwood.

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The woman said she was travelling 70 kilometres per hour in a 60 km/h zone, and that the officer covered his badge and did not properly identify himself as an RCMP officer.

Further, she said the supposed officer did not take any information from her, but threatened to impound her vehicle.

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“The RCMP can confirm that a traffic stop did occur along Highway 3 in Greenwood around Klondike Street on May 11, 2022, at 6 p.m., travelling at 87 kilometres per hour in a 50 kilometre per hour zone towards a playground and elementary school,” said police.

“The officer was in a fully marked police car, in a full-duty RCMP uniform. He exercised discretion by giving the driver a warning, instead of issuing a violation ticket as per the Motor Vehicle Act.”

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Police said they acknowledge the public’s right to question anyone who they suspect to be impersonating a member of law enforcement.

“We treat these allegations very seriously,” said the RCMP, “and, as such, should be investigated with the goal of determining the facts and not left unchecked or made on social media.”

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Police say anyone who encounters a similar situation is encouraged to report it to their local police department so an investigation may be conducted.

“Should you be concerned at the time of a traffic stop, stay inside your vehicle with the doors locked, roll down the window a small amount and tell the officer you are calling the police department to ensure that they are, in fact, a police officer,” said the RCMP.

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“Call the non-emergency number for police in that jurisdiction, who can confirm the officer’s presence at the traffic stop.”

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