Regina musician’s 18th-century violin stolen

Katie Gannon(left) plays her rare violin with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Katie Gannon

Katie Gannon has been a violinist with the Regina Symphony Orchestra for the last decade.

Her prized possession, a rare violin that dates back to the 18th century, was taken in a burglary at her Cathedral area home.

When Gannon came home from work on March 30, she noticed her foster cats out on the front porch and not inside where she left them.

Gannon then noticed that her front door had been kicked in and that her house had been ransacked.

Gone were her TV, Nintendo Switch, art canvases — and the instrument, an Italian-made violin was handcrafted back in 1795.

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Gannon bought it for $18,000 about 15 years ago.

“It’s just really unsettling to know that whoever did this, it might not have been a big deal for them, but it’s been a big deal for me,” Gannon said.

Click to play video: 'Regina woman’s violin stolen'
Regina woman’s violin stolen

Since the break-in, Gannon has been scouring the streets around her house hoping to find the violin discarded by the burglar.

She’s also been keeping a close eye on a variety of online marketplaces where the instrument could be put up for sale.

Gannon is asking the public to do the same: keep an eye out for her violin, to help this story have a happy ending.

“To me, it’s priceless because it’s been with me for so long and I’ve played it for so long and it’s been a part of my everyday life for so long,” Gannon said.

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“Yes, it does have a monetary value, and yes, I could get another one, but it won’t ever be the same.”

Regina Police have opened a file on the case.

If someone finds the violin, they can contact police or return it to the RSO.

In the meantime, Gannon is going to continue playing.

At the upcoming RSO concert, she will be using a violin lent to her by a friend, who plays bassoon.

“Everyone in the industry has been so supportive, making sure anyone in the business is aware of it. I really appreciate that, but I would really just like my instrument back.”

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