Stage set for showdown over Freeman-on-the-Land rental dispute

CALGARY- There is just one day to go, until the man at the centre of a tenant dispute can be forced from his Parkdale rental—and it appears some want to see vigilante justice.

Andreas Pirelli, a Freeman-on-the-Land, has been ordered to leave the duplex that he laid claim to by Friday at midnight.

However, with no sign that he plans to get out on his own, neighbours are losing patience and are ready to take matters into their own hands.

“He shouldn’t be ripping people off of what they’ve worked for,” complained one person, who stopped by while Global News was at the home.

Another posted an angry letter on Pirelli’s windshield, saying in part:

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“You will soon have the opportunity to practice your freemanning skills when the outstanding warrants on you are enforced. Then you can see how it goes when you try to evict your cellmate and claim title to that new residence.

“You will find that your neighbours in there [are] not all elderly or incapable of defending themselves.”
Video: Some Calgarians following this story have had enough. Nancy Hixt reports.

This is not the first time Pirelli has been at the centre of a rental dispute. He previously lived in Montreal, going by the name Mario Antonacci. In that case he also declared his rental apartment an ‘embassy’ and refused to leave.

The landlord, Jocelyn Malouf, says he trashed the unit and when she threatened to call police he attacked her.

“He takes me and push me on the wall, he start to fight me,” she said, in broken English. “At that moment he broke with hands, my left arm.

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“It was upstairs, the apartment, and he opened the door and pushed me down the stairs. I went like a ball down the stairs, and my back was broken.”

Malouf spent two months recovering in hospital.

Antonacci was charged with aggravated assault, but fled the province during the trial. A warrant remains out for his arrest.

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