Justice minister says he has ‘had it’ with Freeman-on-the-Land movement

Mario Antonacci, also known as Andreas Pirelli, as seen on YouTube.
Mario Antonacci, also known as Andreas Pirelli, as seen on YouTube. Courtesy of YouTube/Screenshot

CALGARY- Alberta’s justice minister is wading into the strange debate, over the Freeman-on-the-Land movement.

Controversy has been brewing all week, after a man named Andreas Pirelli staked a claim on the Parkdale duplex he was renting, calling it an ‘embassy’ and changing the locks on the owner. Following a hearing on Tuesday, he’s been ordered to vacate by Friday night.

On Wednesday, Global Calgary’s Tony Tighe spoke to a person inside the home, who then shoved a stack of papers towards him when asked to comment.

“We’ll let the paper do the talking,” he said.

“Well, how come?” Tighe asked.

“You just gotta read that first,” was the man’s reply.

He claims the papers are evidence of Pirelli’s side of the story, in the ongoing dispute with the landlord who has been trying to evict him for a year.

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When asked about the story, the justice minister says he’s frustrated.

“I will be meeting with minister Manmeet Bhullar to see what if anything we can do to protect people in the courts, protect taxpayers from these people in the future,” said Jonathan Denis, adding he’s frustrated that Freeman-on-the-Land members are tying up the court system.

“When it comes to the Freemen I frankly have really had it with these people. They are taking up resources with our courts that could be used for legitimate civil or criminal cases, and this isn’t a new thing either.”

Members often create their own fake documents to fool victims, and try to get them certified by a notary public.

The Law Society has sent an alert to its members, warning them to watch out for anyone with suspicious papers.

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