Freeman-of-the-Land ordered out of Parkdale rental property

CALGARY- A ‘Freeman-of-the-Land’ has been ordered out of the rental property he has declared as his own.

Rebekah Caverhill rented out half of her Calgary duplex to a man who was recommended as a tenant by a friend. He moved in during November of 2011, but only paid her half of the rent they agreed on. He also claims to be a ‘Freeman-on-the-Land,’ saying the home is an ‘embassy’ and no longer belongs to Caverhill, going as far as to change the locks.

On Tuesday an eviction hearing was held, and Andreas Pirelli has been ordered to leave the Parkdale home by the weekend.

“We got a court order to evict the tenant, he is to be out Friday, September 27 at midnight,” says Melissa Castea from Landlord 911, an eviction service. “She did obtain a judgement against him for the rent outstanding, and the utilities.”

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Pirelli–who also goes by the name Mario Antonacci– did not attend the hearing himself, instead sending a representative who refused to give his name. He said that Pirelli is in lockdown, due to the attention this story has gotten.

It also turns out that there is an arrest warrant out for Pirelli, who is wanted on charges of aggravated assault. It stems from an incident in Montreal, where a landlady was allegedly thrown down a flight of stairs. It’s alleged that Pirelli declared that residence an ’embassy’ as well.

Meantime, neighbours are now concerned this dispute could impact them.

“We’re just worried about people knocking on our door thinking it’s his, and looking for him at our place,” says Dani Richard. “We’ve been hearing online [that] people want to come drag him out ambush him. It’s scary.”
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If Pirelli does not vacate the home by Friday, an eviction company plans to send a bailiff to remove him. Calgary Police are consulting with the Crown, to determine if he could face charges.

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