Montrealers rallying to raise money for Ukraine

Click to play video: 'Montrealers rallying to raise money for Ukraine' Montrealers rallying to raise money for Ukraine
WATCH: Efforts are being made to coordinate local Montreal-area businesses in their fund raising drives to help Ukraine. Small family-run companies are trying to show they can make a big difference to help those suffering on the other side of the Atlantic. Global’s Felicia Parrillo reports – Mar 7, 2022

Ali Hilton is a home baker.

In her spare time, she goes by her business name Little Wishes Bakehouse and whips up fancy treats from her home in Pointe-Claire.

The war in Ukraine is far away, but when she saw the images and heard about it, she immediately wanted to do something to help.

“I thought maybe I’ll do a raffle,” she said. “I’ll offer a voucher for a cake, I’ll open it to my followers and see what comes of it. Then I thought, if I’m thinking about this – I’m sure there’s other people who are also devastated and want to do something.”

Hilton reached out to West Island beauty technician, Audrey Richer, who also wanted to lend a hand.

She used some of her contacts to help Hilton put a group of local businesses together for a fundraising drive called Help for Ukraine.

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“The service that I’m offering is a free [eyebrow] pigmentation of the client’s choice,” she said. “It’s about 4-6 hours work on one person. But it’s nothing for me compared to what’s happening on the other side.”

Both women are part of over forty Montreal-based businesses who have donated prizes – either services, gift cards or items – from their businesses which will be raffled out.

All donations will go directly to Save the Children.

“So far, we’ve racked in over $4,500 in donations,” said Hilton. “It’s pretty incredible”

Seeing businesses, whether big or small come together to help is exactly what the Quebec Ukrainian community says is badly needed.

On Monday, they launched the Save Ukraine emergency fundraising campaign, in support of the Canadian Red Cross.

They’re encouraging people to help in any way they can because they say this war affects us all.

“It’s a European war that is being fought in Ukraine, but global democracy is being fought in Ukraine as well. So it’s much closer to home than we really think,” said Gregory Bedik, Save Ukraine campaign spokesperson.

Donations to the Save Ukraine emergency fundraising campaign can be made through their website.

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To enter in the Help for Ukraine raffle, visit Little Wishes Bakehouse on their Facebook or Instagram page.

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