Kingston, Ont. businesses celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Kingston, Ont. businesses celebrate Valentine’s Day
WATCH: Valentine's Day marks one of the biggest sales days of the year for florists and bakeries across the city, but inflation is impacting product prices – Feb 14, 2022

A steady line of customers continues to stream through Neil’s Flowers on Monday, and the phone has been ringing all morning.

“The big rush will be after the men start to go home from work,” says floral designer Vicky Covell.

The team at Neil’s Flowers says Valentine’s Day marks the busiest single day of a florist’s year.

“In the florist industry you have Christmas, and then you have a bit of a lull,” says Covell. “So Valentine’s Day is always a nice bump in those winter months.”

Similarly, in downtown Kingston, Ont., Card’s Bakery was open on Monday. Usually it’s a day off for the business, but they decided to open for the holiday.

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“We had a busy weekend, and then today has been probably busier than I had expected,” says Card’s Bakery owner Jennifer Moon.

“But we’re always prepared and I just keep making cupcakes.”

Spending on Valentine’s Day has been increasing steadily for the last few years, with the price of many holiday favourites rising drastically this year due to inflation.

“Inflation is having a huge effect on everybody,” says Smith School of Business associate professor Ken Wong. “Flowers are up over 20 per cent, you know, even a piece of meat for a steak dinner if you choose to celebrate that way is up about 12 per cent. Everything is up except I think wine and spirits are only up about three per cent due to inflation.”

According to Wong, gold and silver are the bargains of the day, currently being less impacted by inflation than other products.

“There is an increase in price for sure, and like the price of shipping anything, it went up maybe four times,” says Neil’s Flowers owner Teresa Wasef.

“The price of gas, price of flowers themselves, too, went up.”

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Both Neil’s Flowers and Card’s Bakery staff say they work hard to ensure conscientious pricing options for customers. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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