Stand Up for Science Lethbridge Rally

Breanne Kamenz is a recent Master of Science graduate at the University of Lethbridge who’s taking her passion for research and giving it a voice.
“It doesn’t just affect the researchers who are doing the science and the people working in these institutes, it affects the public directly because science is all around us,” says Kamenz.

Kamenz is the organizer of the “Stand Up For Science” rally in Lethbridge, sending a message to the federal government.

“We don’t appreciate the actions they have taken recently in particular, the budget cuts to basic research, they want to fund research that can be used for commercialization purposes but they don’t realize with science, basic research has led to great discoveries,” says Kamenz.

Former federal researcher Dr. Mark Goettel says he has witnessed those cuts first hand and doesn’t want the government to put a price tag on research.

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“The control over science. In the past scientist could do what their passion was, they could do the science they felt was important, now it’s all related to economics, whats the return,” says Goettel.

Organizers say it’s important Lethbridge participates in the rally with the college, university as well as two federally funded research institutions

“The Lethbridge Research Center Agrifood Canada and The Animal Diseases Research Institute, so we actually have a very high population of people who posess a PhD degrees,” says Kamenz.

Researches say they should have the right to share their research with Canadians, but some have been silenced by a heavy handed government.

“There has been muzzling of scientists in Canada and the scientists should be able to freely discuss their research with the public, adds Kamenz.

This is the second year “Stand Up for Science” was held across Canada, but the first time in Lethbridge.

the University of Lethbridge was ranked the top Undergraduate Research Institute in Canada last year.

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