City to consider installing emergency signals on Winnipeg Transit buses

Proposed emergency signage for Winnipeg Transit buses.
Proposed emergency signage for Winnipeg Transit buses. City of Winnipeg

A new report submitted to city hall is proposing emergency signals be installed on all city buses to alert the public if an urgent situation is unfolding.

New technology has been developed which would integrate the current electronic bus signs with two-way radios.

It would allow a driver to activate emergency signal signage and alert the Transit Control Centre that emergency responders are needed.

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The bus signs would display “Emergency Call 911-Do Not Board Bus” with the goal of alerting the public to assist by calling for help.

If approved, the technology could be installed on all buses in two weeks.

The technology cost just over $9,000, which came out of Transit’s operating budget.

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The report will be discussed at the Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee meeting on December 1.

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