21-year-old man on trial for stabbing his mother to death in Toronto PATH food court in 2019

Click to play video: '21-year-old man on trial for 1st-degree murder of his mother' 21-year-old man on trial for 1st-degree murder of his mother
WATCH ABOVE: As Catherine McDonald reports, the suspect repeatedly stabbed the mother of eight in the restaurant where she worked in the underground PATH system in April 2019 – Nov 3, 2021

Warning: This story contains details that some readers may find graphic and disturbing.

Two years after a man walked into the food court of Toronto’s underground PATH system and stabbed 51-year-old Rae Cara Carrington to death, the victim’s son 21-year-old Duncan Sinclair is now on trial for first-degree murder.

In her opening address, Crown Attorney Pam Santora told the jury that on the evening of April 10, 2019, Sinclair armed himself with a knife, tracked down his mother at “Fast Fresh Foods” in the Commerce court in the downtown Toronto PATH system where she worked, walked to her workplace, waited for awhile, then entered the restaurant to find his mother and stabbed Carrington repeatedly.

“She was a mother of eight children, trying to get her life back on track after a complicated separation from her husband when she was cornered and stabbed 11 times by her son, Duncan Sinclair,” Santora told the jury.

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The “Fast Fresh Foods” where Carrington worked had seven video surveillance cameras. The jury was shown video which captured the suspect pacing back and forth outside the restaurant for 14 minutes before he eventually walked in, spoke to Carrington, pulled out a large knife, chased her through the prep area, and stabbed her ten times.

“When she fell to the floor, he walked towards the counter as though to leave before turning back and inflicting one final blow with the knife,” said Santora. The accused can then be seen calmly walking off camera without hesitation.

Carrington was pronounced dead at the scene. She died as a result of stab wounds to the torso, specifically 11 separate wounds which fractured three ribs and punctured her liver, kidney, both lungs and heart.

Sinclair was arrested two days later at the YMCA in Midland, Ont., after Santora told the jury that an employee noticed a man repeatedly searching google for information on a murder investigation in Toronto. The employee printed a copy of his computer history and called Toronto police to report the suspicious incident.

Santora told the jury that blood on Sinclair’s jeans contained the DNA profile of Carrington. The murder weapon was never recovered but a knife set similar to the one seen in the surveillance video was missing from a knife set found at Sinclair’s home.

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The crown told the jury that Sinclair placed two phone calls to two separate Fast Fresh Food locations to find out where Carrington was before she arrived. She also alleged that Sinclair had a motive for killing his mother.

At the time of Carrington’s death, Sinclair’s father, Paul Sinclair, was in custody “as a result of domestic and child abuse spanning over 30 years against Rae and the couple’s eight children,” said Santora. When two children came forward in 2018, Paul was initially only charged in relation to them, court heard.

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The detective tried to speak with Carrington, but she was hesitant, the jury was told. Three other children came forward and reported similar treatment. Duncan and another brother declined to talk.

But in January 2019, three months before her murder, Carrington eventually came in and agreed to be interviewed painting a picture of her life under the control of Paul. The next day, Duncan and the brother arrived at Toronto police 55 Division with their own allegations.

In an 80-minute video statement played in front of the jury, Duncan told police, “I’m here to lay charges against my (second oldest) brother for the assault of losing my tooth and also for cracking my skull against the corner of the wall.”

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When Det. Jesse Weeks asked when it happened, Duncan said it happened roughly 15 years earlier.

In the video, Duncan then talked about his father Paul as being the “stay-at-home” dad, who rarely went out. The fourth of eight children, Duncan spoke about being homeschooled, moving frequently and that he didn’t think his mother gave birth to the children, except maybe two, in a hospital.

Santora told the jury in her opening remarks, that the family moved 26 times. When Weeks asked if the father ever went out, Sinclair replied “She also has a shortish temper. Leaving her with five kids on her own, that would overwhelm her.”

Weeks asked Sinclair, “Are you aware what’s happening with your parents?” “I know my father was arrested. My mother’s in a shelter, they have a court date in February,” Sinclair replied.

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Sinclair explained he was closer with his father before remarking that his mother has a tendency to flip out. “I saw her flipping out a few times, pulling out her hair, I told her she was, what’s the word, mentally imbalanced, she didn’t like that.”

Sinclair continued, “if she gets ahold of the three little ones. There was the time she flew the steak knife. It’s like intense anger that I don’t want my three younger siblings to be subjected to.” Later Sinclair said, “She’s going to fight to get custody of the three little ones. I’m afraid she might snap and one of my little brothers might get hurt. As long as they’re in a family that takes care of them and loves then, then they’re good.”

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Weeks asked Duncan why he was coming forward now. “It’s not in retribution like that. I just thought it was time to come forward with it,” he answered.

The three youngest children had been placed in the care of the Children’s Aid Society after Paul’s arrest, court heard.

Three months later, Carrington was dead. Duncan has pleaded not guilty.

According to agreed statement of facts read out in court, Paul was convicted of 12 offences related to child maltreatment on March 18, 2020.

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