Locations for Kingston red light cameras chosen, to be operational in March 2022

The city of Kingston has narrowed down seven locations to install red light cameras. The cameras will be installed this fall but only operational in March, 2022. CKWS TV

The city of Kingston has settled on seven locations to install its first red light cameras.

According to a city news release, the cameras will start being installed this fall at the following locations:

  • County Road 2 and Princess Mary Avenue/Craftsman Boulevard
  • Division and Concession streets
  • John Counter and Sir John A. Macdonald boulevards
  • Johnson and Barrie streets
  • Perth and Unity roads
  • Princess Street and Bayridge Drive
  • Princess Street and Centennial Drive

Although installations start this fall, the red light camera programs will not be in operation until March 2022.

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The fine for running a red light is $325, as set by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Running a red light at these specific locations will result in a ticket being sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

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According to the city, tickets will only be issued when a vehicle fully enters a signalized intersection on a red light. Drivers who cross the stop bar on a green or amber light, drivers making a permitted turn on a red light, or drivers who stop on or just over the stop bar will not be ticketed.

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