SHA confirms 9 COVID-19 cases associated with Saskatchewan Roughriders’ season opener

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says it's confirmed nine cases of COVID-19 associated with the Saskatchewan Roughriders' season opener on Aug. 6. Moises Canales-Lavigne / Global News

The Saskatchewan Health Authority confirmed nine COVID-19 cases have been associated with the Roughriders game on Aug. 6.

“Attendance during the infectious period did occur, and there is evidence of disease acquisition of others who may have come in contact with infectious individuals at the game,” the SHA said in an emailed statement to Global News Thursday.

“In addition, the cases were involved in activities, including shuttle rides, i.e. long duration commutes without mask use and the standing-only Pil Country area.”

Anyone associated with any recent exposure alerts by the SHA is asked to keep track of where they were during and after these events, their vaccine status and whether they were wearing a mask.

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“If you are contacted as part of contact tracing activities, please be kind and helpful to the staff member who contacts you,” SHA said.

“The information you provide can help us control the spread of COVID in the community by identifying those who are at risk or who need to self-isolate more quickly.”

The SHA is encouraging everyone who is eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccines before taking part in public gatherings such as a football game and to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.

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