Kingston Police roll out ‘positive ticket’ program to reward community engagement

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Kingston Police roll out positive ticket program
WATCH: A new initiative from Kingston Police is rolling out this summer that will see officers looking to track down those doing right in the community – Jul 26, 2021

Kingston Police have initiated a “Positive Incentive Ticket Program” for local children exhibiting good behaviour and activism within their community.

The program focuses on handing out “positive tickets” to those who perform good deeds in the community, such as wearing your helmet when riding your bike, picking up trash in your neighbourhood, or opening the door for someone walking behind you.

Each ticket allows its user to pick up a free small fries, ice cream or Happy Meal from local McDonald’s restaurants.

“Kingston Police realizes that not all good deeds and actions are always acknowledged or receive recognition. This is our way along with McDonald’s in rewarding them,” says Cst. Ashley Jackson of the Kingston Police Community Oriented Response and Engagement (CORE) Unit.

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Violette Gorman was excited to receive her positive ticket and was quick to let her playground friends know how she received it.

“Because I was polite,” says Gorman, who encouraged others to be extra nice so that they could get their ticket, too.

Similar initiatives to reward children for good behaviour have been started up in other communities, most recently in Gananoque.

Kingston Police are encouraging Kingstonians to wave or say hello next time you see an officer.

They say in a statement, “You never know, your positive actions may lead to you receiving a ticket from the Kingston Police, a Positive Incentive Ticket that is!”

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