Accused Mountie made phone call saying he killed someone: Prince Albert police

Prince Albert police say it appears that Bernie Herman (pictured) and Braden Herman were known to each other for several years. paNOW

The Prince Albert Police Service says a veteran Mountie accused in a homicide investigation phoned a co-worker and made “disturbing comments that he had killed someone” last week.

Inspector Craig Mushka said long-serving Saskatchewan RCMP member Bernie Herman agreed to come to his co-worker’s house just north of Prince Albert on May 11.

Once at the house, the RCMP were contacted and the accused was taken into custody, according to a press release.

Mushka said, during the initial RCMP response, the accused provided information as to where they could locate the victim of this homicide. RCMP attended to the rural area near Little Red River Park and found Braden Herman, 26, dead and appeared to have been shot, according to police.

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As the scene was determined to be within city limits, Prince Albert police was contacted and assumed responsibility for the investigation, according to Mushka.

“We believe that the homicide occurred out there,” Mushka said via Zoom on Monday.

Police said they have seized Bernie Herman’s service pistol; however, the weapon used in the offence cannot be confirmed at this point in the criminal investigation.

While the accused was not on duty at the time of the offence, according to Mushka, Bernie Herman left work in full uniform including his duty belt upon completing his shift at 5 p.m. on May 11.

“It is believed that he was in uniform at the time of the offence,” Mushka said.

Click to play video: 'Saskatchewan Mountie makes court appearance on first-degree murder charge' Saskatchewan Mountie makes court appearance on first-degree murder charge
Saskatchewan Mountie makes court appearance on first-degree murder charge – May 13, 2021

Bernie Herman was charged with the first-degree murder of Braden Herman on May 12.

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“With any of our investigations, especially involving homicide, our practice is to consult with the Crown prosecutor office. We will give them the particulars of the investigation and consult with them for the appropriate charge which is what occurred in this instance,” Mushka said.

Police said statements have been taken from both families and it was determined that they are not related; however, they are associated to the same northern Saskatchewan community.

Mushka added it appears they have known each other for several years.

“At this point, according to our police records, we do have investigations that have involved both of them but I think it’s a little early to say if there was any investigations involving harassment where Bernie was the accused,” Mushka said.

“There have been investigations that have involved both of them in the past,” Mushka said.

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Investigators continue to collect statements to gain insight on the possible motivation for the offence.

“I think it’s too early to speak to motive … As we collect evidence there may be evidence that will suggest what the motive was but at this point, I can’t make a comment on that,” Mushka said.

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“There are still some statements that need to be collected and gathered, there’s still a number of exhibits that need to be processed forensically. There’s several steps yet that need to occur throughout this investigation. So the fact that he’s been arrested and charged doesn’t signify that’s the end of the investigation. It is still ongoing.”

Bernie Herman made his first Prince Albert provincial court appearance on May 13.

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