Siblings not allowed to train together at Manitoba fitness facilities

Click to play video: 'Siblings unable to train together under new COVID-19 restrictions' Siblings unable to train together under new COVID-19 restrictions
Winnipeg's GymKyds Gymnastics Centre owner says she is confused as to why siblings are not allowed to train together at fitness facilities under Manitoba's current COVID-19 restrictions. – Feb 16, 2021

A local gym owner is perplexed after being told siblings can’t train together privately in her gym.

Peggy Glassco of Winnipeg’s GymKyds Gymnastics Centre says she opened her doors Friday for private lessons after getting the green light from the province when restrictions loosened.

On Friday afternoon she was paid a visit by bylaw officers and said she was told the way she scheduled some lessons was not permitted.

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“They were nice, they were very nice, but basically told us we could only have one-on-one, which is the rule and I understand that, but also not siblings,” Glassco said.

When asked for clarification from the province, Global News was referred to Manitoba’s current COVID-19 guidelines.

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The restrictions show that fitness centres can only hold one-on-one training between a staff member and the client, and no group classes are permitted.

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“Nobody is understanding this one, so I’m hoping we get clarification on it because you can go to a restaurant with your family of five,” said Glassco.

She said the result is parents having to pay twice as much for two lessons instead of one.

“On Saturday I had a set of twins signed up, but they were not allowed to be together.”

“For me to pay two coaches to be with a set of twins isn’t really feasible for anyone, the parents are double paying and I’m double paying.”

Glassco said more than 100 people applied to take part in her private lessons.

“I want to get the kids back in the gym. I want them all to feel like we’re starting to get back to work and let the kids have some fun.

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“We just adjusted with the twins, we had one child come for 30 minutes, and the other child had to wait and then came for 30 minutes.”

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Glassco thinks the restriction was an oversight by the province and one she hopes they’ll reconsider and adjust.

“I don’t want to complain, because I just want to do what we all have to do, but this one just didn’t make sense.”

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