Montreal makes $10-million pledge to improve safety around schools

A new crossing will be installed on Rolland Boulevard in Montreal North as part of an initiative to make the journey to school safer. Feb 12, 2021. Dan Spector / Global News

The City of Montreal announced a new effort to make the journey to and from school safer for children all over the island.

Officials announced they’ll be spending $10 million to create safer crossings around 39 schools in 13 different boroughs. It’s an expansion of a project that began last year, when $6 million was spent to improve safety around 22 schools in 10 boroughs.

Montreal North will be among the first areas to receive one of the new crossings. It will be on Rolland Boulevard next to Gerald McShane Elementary and a number of other schools. The street will be narrowed and a crosswalk will be installed where kids were naturally crossing the street anyway.

The new safety measures will be adapted to each borough’s needs.

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“Every borough knows their reality and they will design the best solution,” said Eric Alan Caldwell, Montreal executive committee member responsible for mobility. “Here, the best solution is the one we just described to you, but every situation is different. The boroughs know the reality, they know the risks, so they have the initiative of proposing the best solutions.”

The complete list of the planned improvements can be seen in a media release on the project.

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