Hamilton waterfall enforcement pilot project is a go for 2021

This year's strategy for enforcement around Hamilton's more popular waterfalls has been given the green light by city councillors. Hamilton Conservation Authority

This year’s strategy for enforcement around Hamilton’s more popular waterfalls has been given the green light.

City councillors have approved hiring two full-time bylaw and five part-time parking enforcement officers.

They will be hired from March 15 through Nov. 15, under a one-year pilot project, and the $354,000 cost will be funded from city reserves.

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Dundas Coun. Arlene Vanderbeek says it’s about protecting the quality of life for residents in Greensville, and other areas to which trespassing and illegal parking problems have “shifted,” including Waterdown and Ancaster.

“We’re just trying to manage the tourist attractions that this city has,” said Vanderbeek during a budget meeting on Thursday, so that people can “have a high-quality visit to those areas, and do it safely.”

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In addition to more enforcement, increased fines of $250 also remain in effect within the special enforcement areas around Hamilton’s popular waterfall locations.

That includes the Devil’s Punchbowl in Stoney Creek where Coun. Brad Clark said “it has made a difference.”

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This year’s pilot program will be reviewed early next year to determine if it was successful and should continue in 2022.

That decision will be based on “measurable results” such as fines issued for various offences and revenues generated through enforcement.

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