Regina Harbour Landing resident captures video of coyote in backyard

Click to play video: 'Coyotes spotted in Regina' Coyotes spotted in Regina
WATCH: Regina Harbour Landing resident captured a video of a coyote in her backyard on Tuesday afternoon. – Feb 10, 2021

The City of Regina says it’s keeping a close eye out for coyotes as more are being spotted around the Queen City.

Many concerned residents are sharing pictures and videos on social media, including Mandie Hagel who lives in Regina’s Harbour Landing neighbourhood.

She had a coyote get into her backyard Tuesday afternoon.

Click to play video: 'Coyotes spotted in Regina' Coyotes spotted in Regina
Coyotes spotted in Regina – Feb 10, 2021

“The coyote jumped the fence and was in our yard for about 15 minutes before jumping back and forth between us and the neighbours,” Hagel said.

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“It actually got within 15 feet of our patio door checking us out. We have a large dog and she was going crazy.

“We also have kids, one who loves to be out in the snow. It could have been a very scary situation had she been sledding on that bank.”

Habour Landing resident Nadine Ann also came across a coyote Monday morning.

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“This is not the first coyote I’ve seen. This is the second one I’ve seen in a two-week span,” Ann said. “This one was in the Norseman area. The second one, I saw running across Parliament (Avenue) heading southbound at the Pasqua (Street) intersection.

Click to play video: 'Coyote seen in Regina’s Harbour Landing neighbourhood' Coyote seen in Regina’s Harbour Landing neighbourhood
Coyote seen in Regina’s Harbour Landing neighbourhood – Feb 10, 2021

“The alarming part is when I took this video there were two people walking alone to their bus stop destinations and I didn’t feel right not sticking around to make sure they were safe.”

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The city said it has received plenty of reported sightings, not only in Harbour Landing but in other neighbourhoods as well.

“We are aware of sightings and look for them, but they have a large range. If they become trapped in a yard we will remove and relocate,” the city told Global News in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

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“We have removed three coyotes since October and had 20 sightings/requests regarding coyotes since November.

“Coyotes are often more noticeable in the winter months and are attracted to sheltered areas.  They are most often seen in fringe areas where prairie intersects the city.”

Hagel said the recent wind storm created snow banks the height of her fence which made the backyard easily accessible.

“You can actually walk across the tops of our fences,” Hagel said. “It’s extremely concerning to me that a coyote just decided to run around in our yard.”

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For these types of instances, the city reminds people that coyotes tend to avoid humans and often back off when confronted.

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“If you encounter a coyote remember they are generally afraid of people, so be loud and proud to frighten them away,” the city said.

“It is also good practice to keep dog food inside and to clean up dog feces.”

The city said coyotes are beneficial in keeping rodent and rabbit populations down.

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