Coronavirus: How a Global News videojournalist is adapting to new ways of working

Click to play video: 'Coronavirus: Adapting to new ways of working' Coronavirus: Adapting to new ways of working
For many, the pandemic has changed how we do our jobs and that’s true for news organizations as well. Here is what one Global News video journalist is doing to keep everyone safe on the road. – Oct 9, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how many people do their jobs, and that is equally true for those in news organizations.

Global News videojournalist Sylvain Trudeau has been working on the road for 33 years but he says this year has been unlike any other.

“The goal is to make sure everyone is safe,” Trudeau said.

Over the course of the pandemic, Trudeau has used his spare time to engineer a myriad of contraptions in order to keep media crews on the road safe from COVID-19.

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From story interviews to outdoor press conferences, maintaining physical distance while collecting quality sound and video can be challenging.

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“He’s got a lot of imagination and he’s got the ability to make these things — I think they’re terrific, they’re great ideas,” said Global News videojournalist David Sedell.

“My favourite thing that Sylvain made is a stand that holds mics and you can just set it down in front of people and step away.”


The stand also helps during press conferences. Other journalists are able to install their microphones too and avoid crowding together.

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Trudeau also welded this stand to hold a cellphone and a small Bluetooth speaker. It allows reporters who are working from home to ask questions remotely.

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“For my reporter’s security,” Trudeau explained.

In order to edit on the road, Trudeau repurposed a discarded fast food tray that he uses as a desk.

He even concocted a metal arm that holds an umbrella so the reporter or interviewee don’t have to touch it.

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And for fun’s sake, he built a cup holder that attaches to the microphone stand in order to hold a water bottle or cup.

“I’m working very hard to make my talent and guests look their best,” Trudeau said.

His truck can be called a treasure trove that would make the Little Mermaid jealous. How many wonders can one car hold?

“A special clamp for the umbrella when my guests need that. I built that this morning, another one,” Trudeau said while he was going through his stock.

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Journalism is a people-driven business and getting close to the story means getting close to people.

Even though the virus has soured a part of that experience, you can always count on Trudeau to keep us safe and sweeten things up, quite literally.

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Trudeau is also known for stocking up on candy and sharing with his colleagues.

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