New Brunswick election: Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore

Liberal incumbent Denis Landry takes Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting process saw the creation of Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore, a new electoral district that combines parts of the former ridings of Nepisiguit, Centre-Peninsule-Saint-Sauveur, and Caraquet.


Liberal: Denis Landry (incumbent)

  • Served as the Minister of Justice in the government of Premier Brian Gallant

Progressive Conservative: Amanda Keast

Green: Robert Kryzsko



Denis Landry won once again with 51.8 per cent of the vote.

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He defeated Jean Maurice Landry of the NDP (29.6 per cent), Michelle Branch of the Tories (12.5 per cent) and Robert Kryszko of the Green Party (6.1 per cent)


Denis Landry won the newly created riding with 61.6 per cent of the popular vote.

He defeated Nepisiguit incumbent PC MLA Ryan Riordon, who managed only 26.3 per cent. The NDP candidate, Benjamin Kalenda, came third with 7.8 per cent, and Green candidate Gerry Aubie received 4.4 per cent of the vote.


Denis Landry was first elected in Centre-Peninsule in 1995, losing to PC MLA Louis-Philippe McGraw in 1999, and taking back the seat in 2003. The district became Centre-Peninsule-Saint-Sauveur in the 2006 election and Landry has held it ever since. In 2010 he won 63.9 per cent of the vote.

Caraquet was won in 2010 by incumbent Liberal Hedard Albert with 50.1 per cent of the vote. It has been a Liberal riding in all but two elections since 1974.