Repeat offender receives $200 fine for leaving dog in hot car in Delta, B.C.

Police and the BC SPCA say it is just better to leave your pets at home.

As the summer weather starts to heat up in B.C., officials are warning about leaving pets in hot cars.

Delta police tweeted Wednesday that they had to issue a $200 ticket to someone who left their dog in a hot vehicle — and it turns out they are a repeat offender.

Police were called to a mall in Tsawwassen on Tuesday where someone had left their dog in their vehicle for at least 20 minutes.

Police say the window was only open “just a crack.”

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Delta police spokesperson Cris Leykauf told Global News that it wasn’t the owner’s first time leaving a pet unattended in a hot vehicle, which goes against a Delta bylaw.

Leykauf says if you see something like this, it’s best to call the police, instead of taking matters into your own hands.

“Usually the best choice is to call authorities and that way the public doesn’t end up in potentially a confrontational situation with the vehicle or pet owner,” Leykauf said. “That could lead to another set of problems.”

Dogs can’t release heat through sweat like humans, says the BC SPCA, and panting becomes less and less effective as the car heats up.

The small sweat glands inside their paws also aren’t enough to properly cool them down.

The best thing to do, police and the SPCA say, is to simply leave dogs and other pets at home.

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The dangers of leaving pets in hot cars – Jun 6, 2019

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