Grimes is selling a piece of her ‘soul’ at an art exhibit. SÆriously.

Grimes attends 2019 Roc Nation THE BRUNCH on February 9, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Roc Nation

FOR SALE: One soul piece, slightly used. About 32 years old. Speaks and sings in English and made-up languages. May or may not have belonged to Elon Musk. Name your price. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

Grimes is offering up a little part of herself at her very first art gallery show, an online exhibition called Selling Out which features several of her artistic works — and one piece of her supposed “soul.”

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The Canadian-born singer, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, opened her online art show on Thursday, less than a month after giving birth to her first child, X Æ A-12 X Æ A-Xii Musk. The exhibition is presented by the Gallery Platform Los Angeles and Maccarone Los Angeles, and it features various “rarities” from her career, including album art, a poem about artificial intelligence and some of Grimes paintings.

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Oh, and a piece of her soul.

Selling Out is executed as a contract in which Grimes sells a fraction of her soul, formalizing the idea that every time an artist sells a piece of their art, part of the soul is sold with it,” the online exhibit says. “The purchaser will enter into a contractual agreement that outlines the terms of ownership and ultimately the connection to the joy of artistic expression.”

It’s unclear what that contractual agreement includes, or whether it restricts the buyer from doing certain things with the soul, such as playing soldiers with it.

A supposed image of Grimes‘ soul is shown. Maccarone Los Angeles

Grimes initially planned to put a US$10-million price tag on her soul, Rolling Stone reports. However, she ultimately decided to go with whoever makes the best offer.

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That means Grimes’ soul could be yours — if you want it. You just have to shoot the art gallery an email to make your pitch.

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Grimes told Bloomberg that she’s excited to put on her first visual art show, after honing her skills by making all of her album covers herself.

“I see myself as a visual artist first and foremost,” she said. “I’ve always felt strange that people know me for music.”

‘WarNymph Prototype #1: Battle of the WarNymphs,’ by Grimes, is show in this image from Maccarone Los Angeles. Grimes via Maccarone Los Angeles

She describes her artistic style as “edgy-looking, anime horror,” although she wanted to go for something more “philosophical” with selling a piece of her soul.

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“The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me.”

Grimes supposedly tapped into her artistic talents to come up with X Æ A-12, the name she and Musk gave their first child after he was born earlier this month. Musk told podcaster Joe Rogan that the name was largely Grimes’ idea.

“Yeah, she’s great with names,” Musk said.

The couple later changed the “12” to Roman numerals to conform with California naming laws.

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Grimes’ artwork is being sold for between $500 and $15,000, depending on the piece.

The online exhibit is open now, and it runs until Aug. 31 at Maccarone Los Angeles.


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