Coronavirus: Montrealers happy with the eased restrictions but worry about second wave

Click to play video 'Coronavirus outbreak: Montrealers happy with eased restrictions but worried about second wave' Coronavirus outbreak: Montrealers happy with eased restrictions but worried about second wave
WATCH: Montrealers happy with eased restrictions but worried about second wave – May 23, 2020

As more Montrealers get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, the Quebec government continues to ease restrictions on activities.

But some believe cases will continue to go up.

“We know the restrictions are being eased (and) the result of that is going to be COVID-19 cases going up naturally,” says Montrealer Jacob Sherf.

Sherf said he is exctited to get back on the tennis court, but he isn’t interested in public pools.

“The courts have been closed a while,” he said. “It is nice to have that, stuff like that is good because it’s outside, we can still keep our distance, but for me personally, I will not be going to public pools this summer.”

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Government statistics show Quebecers under the age of 70 are the most contagious.

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Sixty-four per cent of all confirmed cases are among Quebecers between the ages of 20 and 69.

“I think that it’s a good idea, seeing as summer is coming around,” Westmount resident Philip Mann said of the province’s reopening measures. “A lot of people will want to go to parks and green spaces, drive-in movie threatres, I think that would be pretty safe, so I would definitely like to attend that. Not being able to go to the movies threatres with all the movie coming out I think will have some people on edge.”

Leo Mullett of Westmount said he loves museums but he’s going to sit out this summer.

“I don’t want to be indoors around people unless I have to be, so for the time being, I’m staying home.”

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With restrictions being eased, there’s still worry that a surge in cases is inevitable.

“There is going to be a second wave, there may even be other waves after that,” says Dr. Donald Vinh,
MUHC infectious disease specialist.

“We have to remember these measures of two metres or more distancing and handwashing. If we can do that, we can also prevent the wave from propagating far.”

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Easing restrictions can be beneficial if all safety measures are followed, Dr. Vinh added.

“It allows a low level of prorogation without much illness and certainly without spread to people that are high risk who require hospitalization, and without an increase in hospitalization, that might be the controlled forest-fire scenario.

“We want some eventual development of herd immunity.”