Howard Stern mocks ‘genius’ Donald Trump Jr. following presidential son’s criticism

(L-R): Howard Stern and Donald Trump Jr. Getty Images

Howard Stern is mocking Donald Trump Jr. after the U.S. president’s son addressed the radio host’s comments about his dad.

Last week, Stern referred to Donald Trump as a celebrity wannabe who secretly hates his followers, and on Tuesday, Stern sarcastically responded to Trump Jr.’s criticism of him.

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Howard Stern releases new book, writes about cancer scare

“I can’t argue with him; that kid is such a success,” Stern said on Tuesday. “He is such a wit, he is such a genius. He would have made a fortune if he wasn’t under his father’s thumb. Game over. You can’t argue with a genius like that.”

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Trump Jr. compared Stern to Hillary Clinton last Thursday while on SiriusXM’s Jim and Sam Show, where he referenced Clinton calling his dad’s followers “deplorables.”

“It’s sort of disappointing,” Trump Jr. said of Stern. “I mean, I would think at least the sort of original Howard, I imagine most of those blue-collar people that he now hates since he became Hollywood Howard would’ve probably been pretty big Trump supporters.”

He continued: “He’s acting like Hillary. What probably cost her some of the election was calling half the country ‘deplorables’ for wanting to support someone who was going to get things done for them.”

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Trump Jr. denies conflict of interest over resorts

Stern did not seem fazed by Trump Jr.’s comments and added: “When he shuts you down, that’s it. What an accomplished young man.

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“Where I came from, no one is expected to be successful or anything,” Stern said. “But the way this kid has risen in the business world and just taken it by storm … to be criticized by him is damaging.

“I would list all of Junior’s accomplishments right now but I only have a three-hour show,” the SiriusXM host added.

Trump Jr. responded to Stern’s comments on Twitter, writing: “It must kill Hollywood Howard to know that more people will see this tweet than listen to his show.

“That’s what happens when you turn your back on your working class fanbase & bend your knee to the same MSM [mainstream media] you used to mock. He never recovered from losing @artiequitter! SAD!” Trump Jr. added.

He included a parody of Nickelback’s Photograph music video featuring himself holding an edited picture of Stern that was labelled “Triggered.”

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Last week, Stern criticized Trump’s supporters and said: “The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most love him the most.”

He continued: “The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … he wouldn’t even let them in a f—ing hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”


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