‘Twilight’ actor Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend found dead in home

American actor Gregory Tyree Boyce, left, and his girlfriend Natalie Adepoju. @mr_alwaysgrindn (Gregory Tyree Boyce)/Instagram

American actor Gregory Tyree Boyce has died at the age of 30. His 27-year-old girlfriend Natalie Adepoju has also been found dead.

The couple was pronounced dead on May 13 by the Clark County Coroner’s Office after their bodies were found in their shared Las Vegas, Nev. home, as reported by Variety.

The Clark County coroner is currently awaiting results from a toxicology report, while local authorities have said the two deaths were not a criminal accident, according to the BBC.

Boyce was best known for his role as Tyler Crowley in the first, self-titled Twilight film.

Gregory Tyree Boyce attends LA Fashion Week Fashion Minga 2012 Event at Exchange LA on Oct. 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif. Michael Bezjian/WireImage

In the 2008 teen drama, Boyce’s character notably almost crashes his car into main character Bella Swan (portrayed by Kristen Stewart), before Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), the not-so-secret vampire, stops the vehicle with his bare hands.

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Days after his death, Boyce’s mother, Lisa Wayne, took to Facebook expressing her grief.

“I’m sick without you,” she wrote. “I’m torn, I’m lost. I’m in pain. I’d text you or call you when I was broken or worried about something, and you’d tell me, ‘Ma, I got you, we’ll get thru this together.’ Boy. Why did you leave me?” she added.

Wayne also praised Boyce for his skills as a chef and revealed that he was in the process of starting a “wing business” called West Wings alongside Adepoju before recounting the last time she saw her son.

She continued: “The last time I saw you — May 11, 2020 — I went to your house to eat leftovers from Mother’s Day. We watched a Dave Chappelle show and you walked me to my car, hugged me, kissed me on my cheek and told me that you love me and to call you when I got home.

“That was it. Never another hug, kiss or to hear those words, I love you again. I’m broken,” concluded Wayne.

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Boyce’s older brother Chris Wayne also took to Facebook to pay tribute to his younger sibling.

“You were my baby,” he wrote. “[I] worried about you all the time. I was always there for the rescue. I wish you were still here bro. The world lost an awesome person,” Chris concluded.

Months before his death, Boyce took to Instagram reflecting on his life to commemorate his 30th birthday, He also revealed thoughts he had in the past suggesting that he might die young.

“At one point I didn’t think I would make it to see 30 years old,” he wrote. “Over the years, like everyone else, I have made mistakes along the way, but today is one of those days I only reflect on the great ones.”

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The star concluded: “What a time to be alive. Happy Dirty 30 self! Let’s make the rest of these years your best!”

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Boyce was born on Dec. 5, 1989 in California. He is survived by his mother Lisa, brother Chris and 10-year-old daughter, Alaya.

Adepoju is survived by her father, two brothers, a sister and baby son, Egypt, according to a GoFundMe fundraiser launched in her name last week.

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