London man arrested after pizza delivery driver fends off attempted vehicle theft

FILE PHOTO. Matthew Trevithick / Global News

A London man, 27, is facing charges after police say he unsuccessfully tried to steal a pizza delivery driver’s vehicle, then resisted arrest on Tuesday.

According to police, the delivery driver left his vehicle unlocked and running in the parking lot at 415 Hamilton Rd. while he was picking up a delivery order at around 8 p.m. Tuesday. Police say that a suspect got into the front seat of the vehicle in an attempt to steal it, and that when the delivery driver returned, “a confrontation and struggle ensued.”

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The suspect fled and police were called. Officers chased the suspect on foot and arrested him, though the suspect reportedly “resisted arrest and continued to struggle with police.”

The only injuries reported in the incident involved the suspect, who was taken to hospital for a non-life threatening injury that police say occurred during the confrontation with the delivery driver.

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A 27-year-old London man has since been charged with attempt to commit a dual procedure offence and obstruct a peace officer.

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