Warmer days find Quebecers venturing out, but are they respecting distancing rules?

Warmer days have people venturing out of their homes, but are they respecting the distancing rules?
WATCH: In an attempt to keep citizens from getting too close, the City of Beaconsfield has come up with a unique way to keep the message alive. Global's Phil Carpenter has the story.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Beaconsfield has come up with a unique — and very loud — way to get the social distancing message across.

Authorities have deployed a pickup truck with loudspeakers, reminding residents to stay two metres away from people they don’t live with.

According to Mayor Georges Bourelle, while most residents observe the distancing protocol, a few still do not and that’s why they resorted to using the loudspeakers.

“It’s a matter of life or death,” Bourelle told Global News by phone.

“People must observe the rules. It’s for their own life and it’s for the life of others, and it’s serious.”

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He explained that the vehicle won’t necessarily be used every day, but only when it’s needed.  According to him, most people support the idea, but some have complained about he noise.  But he was adamant.

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“Whatever means we need to get the message across, we will use,” he insisted.

The truck began moving through the municipality on Friday.  Some residents say they saw it multiple times on the weekend as well.

“I saw it twice yesterday,” said resident Richard Bourne while out for a walk Monday afternoon.  He said he was surprised the city had to resort to that method of getting the message out.

“It’s surprising that everybody doesn’t know that by now, but I guess it’s a good reminder,” he concluded.

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Roberta Konen who was walking with her two kids agreed.

“Honestly I think that it’s helpful to have someone yell in your ear, you know, ‘six feet, six feet,'” she laughed.

Bourelle said the measure will continue for as long as it’s needed.