‘Tiger King’ subject Jeff Lowe claims another episode is coming to Netflix

From left, Jeff and Lauren Lowe.
From left, Jeff and Lauren Lowe. Instagram / oklahoma_zoo

Just when everyone thought it was over, Netflix is giving the world another Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (Tiger King) episode, according to Jeff Lowe.

The docuseries, which currently has seven episodes, follows the life of zoo owner Joe Exotic and the events that led to his allegedly hiring a hitman in a failed attempt to take out his main rival, Carole Baskin.

Lowe had already shared his thoughts on the docuseries last week, but now he has revealed details of the new episode to Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Lowe, Exotic’s former business partner who now owns GW Zoo, claimed that Netflix will be releasing an additional episode of Tiger King next week.

“Hey Kourtney and Justin, this is Jeff and Lauren from the Tiger King show on Netflix. Thank you for watching our show. Christie [Dishner] said you were a big fan and yeah… you need a life, you just wasted seven hours on ours,” Lowe said to Turner and his podcaster wife Kourtney Turner.
“Take care guys, we love you,” Lowe said before adding, “Netflix is adding one more episode, [it] will be on next week. We’re filming here tomorrow.”

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It’s currently unclear if the episode will be a reunion special or a continuation of the series.

Lowe previously said he did not agree with the storyline in Tiger King which alleged he stole the zoo from Exotic.

“They touched on about 10 per cent of the story and, you know, the portrayal of us stealing the zoo from Joe was very unfair because we came here to help him; we got it back on its feet. We left to move away because we didn’t want to be in a zoo in Oklahoma, so the notion that we tried to steal the zoo from him is just ridiculous. But, you know, here we are in a zoo in Oklahoma,” Lowe said.

“I’m an easy-to-get-along-with guy. And I’ve always been the person that when you needed help, I was the one who’s going to help you,” Lowe said of Exotic. “So it just really upset me to find out that the guy I was trying to help avoid the claws of this woman in Tampa that he would, once I turned my back, that he would stick so many blades into it,” Lowe said.

Tiger King creator Rebecca Chaiklin said they “were completely forthright with the characters.”

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“With any project that goes on for five years, things evolve and change, and we followed it as any good storyteller does. We could have never known when we started this project that it was going to land where it did,” she told the LA Times.

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Tiger King is a one-time limited series that took five years to create, but there is potential for a Season 2.

Chaiklin revealed last week that she has “a crazy amount of footage and it’s a story that’s still unfolding.”

“We’re not sure yet, but there could be a follow-up on this story because there’s a lot that’s still unfolding in it, and it’ll be just as dramatic and just as colourful as what has unfolded these past few years,” she added.

Co-creator Eric Goode told The New York Times that he is done with Tiger King.

“At the moment I’m not contemplating doing more on this at all. Let’s see what happens. We’re just taking a deep breath. Obviously, we’re in this surreal time where it would be very hard to continue filming anything. But no, not at the moment,” he said in regards to another season.

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Global News has reached out to Netflix for comment on the new episode.

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