No new cases of COVID-19 identified on Prince Edward Island

Dr. Heather Morrison, Prince Edward Island's chief medical officer of health, announces the province's first confirmed case of coronavirus on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Government of Prince Edward Island

There are still three cases of COVID-19 on Prince Edward Island, according to the province’s chief medical officer of health.

At a press briefing Tuesday, chief public health officer Dr. Heather Morrison said 416 test have been completed on the island. All three confirmed cases are travel related.

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Prince Edward Island is still not able to confirm cases within the province, but Morrison hopes they will be able to in the near future. 

On Monday, Morrison said stiff fines will be imposed on those who do not follow self-isolation rules. Islanders who don’t comply will face a fine of $1,000 for a first offence, $2,000 for a second and $10,000 for a third and every offence after that.

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She clarified that stance Tuesday, saying a meeting was held Monday between government officials and law enforcement to discuss how self-isolation would be enforced.

Morrison said if a call comes through the 1-800 line, they will first reach out and have a conversation with the individual, with police stepping in if needed.

“It’s a balanced use of authority,” Morrison said. “The first call is about making sure people understand what they’re supposed to do, and then maybe having to have the police involved in a warning.”

Morrison said they’ve received “a number of calls” from employees concerned about those around them not self-isolating. She says there’s only been one situation where there’s been “a little reluctance,” but anticipates more.

“A subsequent firm-voice conversation happened, so that was resolved,” she said. “For the most part so far it has been well-received.”

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Coronavirus outbreak: P.E.I. clarifies liquor, cannabis store stance after panic-buying

The island has shut down all non-essential services, including liquor and cannabis stores, as well as hairdressers, nail salons, malls, pools and fitness facilities.

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“I know it isn’t easy for any of us,” Morrison said, “but working together while we are apart is the best way we can move ahead.”

“Working together while we stay apart is the best way we can prepare for the weeks ahead.”

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