Is stress killing your libido? How to increase your sex drive

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Upgrade your sex drive
WATCH: Wellness expert Kyle Buchanan shows you how to naturally upgrade your sex drive – Feb 14, 2020

Stress can trickle into our lives in the bedroom, making it difficult to want to pursue or enjoy any kind of intimacy.

But there are ways to increase libido and kick-start your sex-drive without medical interventions, said Kyle Buchanan, a Toronto-based wellness expert.

“A big libido killer is stress. If your body is stressed out all the time, the last thing it wants to do is [have sex],” he told hosts on Global News’ The Morning Show
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Stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the body, which can suppress our sex hormones, creating a lower libido, explained Buchanan. 

A study published last year by BodyLogicMD, a medical practice network, found 51 per cent of respondents reported “dead bedrooms” because of work stress. 

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“Dead bedrooms” refers to a sexless relationship that can last anywhere from months to years, according to a previous Global News report. 

Lack of communication between partners can increase stress in the bedroom and many people become more anxious if their self-esteem isn’t at its highest, said Heather Kent, a psychotherapist and author in a previous report.

“Most of the time, the stress isn’t actually about the sex itself … there’s usually something bigger,” she said.

It could be anything from a lack of connection with your partner or anxiety and depression, she explained. 

Ways to increase sex-drive and combat stress

Managing stress becomes easier when you’re better connected to your partner, said Susan Valentine, a Toronto-based psychotherapist in a previous Global News report.

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Click to play video: 'Nineteen per cent of Canadians in sexless relationships, new poll finds'
Nineteen per cent of Canadians in sexless relationships, new poll finds

“When you’re connected with your partner, you’re actually better able to manage work stress or any stress,” she said. “Set dates with one another at least weekly and don’t break the date.”

Work on being more physically connected throughout the day, like hugging every morning before work, she said.

Other than working on your emotional connection to your partner, Buchanan recommends some natural aphrodisiacs and libido-boosters that can help you feel your best.

He recommends foods that have been associated with increased libido, like chocolate, pistachios and saffron. 

Always consult with your doctor first before introducing any supplements into your diet, said Buchanan. 

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For more information about upgrading your sex drive, watch Kyle Buchanan in the video above. 

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