Salvia will soon become illegal in Canada: Glover

It’s a natural herb that’s being abused by many teenagers across North America.

Young celebrities like Miley Cyrus have been even caught smoking Salvia, which can cause hallucinations when injested or smoked..

The federal government wants to ban the product and list the herb as a controlled substance, which means it would be illegal to possess.

Winnipeg MP Shelly Glover is encouraging parents to learn more about Salvia.

"We are very worried about the long term effects, we don’t know what they are," said Glover.

Ottawa says the plant, which is commonly used a medicinal tea in Mexico, has dangerous side effects that include loss of memory, coordination, and consciousness.

Glover is asking local businesses to pull it from store shelves.

"I would suggest that this is not something businesses should be selling at all at this point," said Glover who made the announcement at the YWCA on Fermor Avenue.

"It can cause hallucinations and have serious side effects on the brain and body," she said.

The product is sold at many head shops and stores in Winnipeg, including Dominion News on Portage Avenue where a small bottle sells for $40.

The product even comes with instructions on how to use it safely. Some recommendations include never using the product alone, or near guns and other dangerous weapons.

Noone from Dominion News would comment.

Ottawa says it plans to give businesses until Mar. 21 to submit any concerns regarding the proposed legislation, which would likely take two years to be implemented.