Top 3 things to do around Winnipeg the weekend of Jan. 25

Ghost Light runs Jan 22 to Feb 9 at Prairie Theatre Exchange
WATCH: The play Ghost Light shares Shawn Wright's relationship with his late mother and runs Jan. 22 to Feb. 9 at Prairie Theatre Exchange.

With her weekly pick of fun things to do on the weekend, here is the rundown from ‘Global News Morning’s Kahla Evans.

A really nice forecast gives us plenty of entertainment options for any interest this weekend.

1. Prairie Theatre Exchange

If you’re a theatre fan, make sure you head to Prairie Theatre Exchange this weekend to take in a play that’s described as both funny and emotional.

Ghost Light is based on playwright Shawn Wright’s relationship with his late mother, an amateur actress herself, who taught him all about the theatre world.

Not only did Shawn write the script, but he also plays both himself and his mother, on a stage with no costumes or decorations – just candles and Shawn.

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The show runs until Feb. 9.

More information and tickets can be found on the theatre’s website.

2. The Grudge

If you’re more of a movie fan, you can check out one very talented Winnipegger who has a pretty big role in a pretty big movie.

Eight-year-old Zoe Fish already has several Hallmark movies under her belt and you can catch her on the big screen playing a ghost in The Grudge.

Fair warning though — this is film isn’t for the faint of heart.

Young Winnipegger plays ghost in new Grudge movie
Young Winnipegger plays ghost in new Grudge movie

Melinda Landers is the name of the character she plays and Zoe says that although she has fun scaring others, she actually hates to be scared herself.

The movie was also shot in Winnipeg so there are lots of familiar sights you’ll be able to pick out.

More information on The Grudge can be found here.

3. Get outside

Finally, with a weekend forecast as nice as this, I encourage you to get outside and enjoy it!

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Temperatures well above average means good dog-walking weather.

But there are some things to keep in mind before you head out on those long winter walks.

Keeping our pets safe in the cold
Keeping our pets safe in the cold

Ingrid Sproll is a Veterinarian at Winrose Animal Hospital and she shared these tips with us on Global News Morning:

  • Limit the time puppies and senior dogs spend outside
  • Check paws for ice and salt build up
  • Trim the fur on paws to prevent any build up
  • Check ears for signs of frostbite
  • Use boots and jackets if your dog has short fur

Enjoy your time outside this weekend and if you do take a great picture while you’re out, make sure you share it with us ( for the ‘Your Manitoba’ photo segment!

Happy weekend everyone!