Stephen Colbert wants to replace Prince Harry in the Royal Family

Click to play video: 'Stephen Colbert jokes about ‘Megxit,’ suggests ‘Colbentrance’'
Stephen Colbert jokes about ‘Megxit,’ suggests ‘Colbentrance’
WATCH: During his latest 'Late Show' monologue, Stephen Colbert noted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to leave the royal family (or Megxit), joking that he could be hired at Buckingham Palace as a replacement – Jan 21, 2020

During his opening monologue on The Late Show Monday night, host Stephen Colbert decided it was time for him to weigh in on “Megxit”.

Megxit of course, is the pun on Brexit which stemmed from the recent announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be stepping down from their senior royal duties in order to leave the U.K. and live primarily in Canada with their son, Archie.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have officially surrendered their His and Her Royal Highness titles, there seems to be a hole in the Royal Family — one which Colbert, 55, hopes to fill in with what he called a “Colbentrance.”

The TV personality began, “On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth herself announced that Harry and Meghan will no longer be working members of Britain’s monarchy. So, that means there’s a job opening in the royal family,” he added.

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Click to play video: 'Prince Harry speaks out about decision to step away from royal duties'
Prince Harry speaks out about decision to step away from royal duties

“Maybe a ‘Megxit’ means a ‘Colbentrance,'” joked Colbert with a smile, before being met with an abundance of laughter from the crowd.

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He continued: “Hi. How are ya, Mrs. Queen?” Can I call you Queenie?”

“My name is Stephen Colbert,” said the host. “I’m interested in the position of Royal Highness. I have no formal training in being a Prince, but I have been told I’m a royal pain in the a–.”

Along with The Late Show‘s live studio audience, Colbert laughed at his own jab.

Click to play video: 'Prince Andrew retreats from public life amid Epstein saga'
Prince Andrew retreats from public life amid Epstein saga

“I’m a fast learner, I’m highly-motivated, I can wave backwards, and I’ve never met Jeffrey Epstein,” he quipped.

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The much-beloved host was referring to the disgraced Prince Andrew and his relationship with the late-financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

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“Despite giving up his HRH title,” said Colbert, “Harry remains sixth in line for the crown, which puts him just behind Prince William’s children and just ahead of John Goodman,” he added.

Colbert’s joke garnered a multitude of laughs from the crowd and referred to John Goodman, the critically acclaimed actor, and his bumbling character King Ralph from the 1991 comedy film of the same name.

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