How to travel like a celebrity without the hefty price tag

Click to play video 'How to travel like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost' How to travel like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost
Travel expert Natalie Preddie shared her tips for travelling like an A-lister without the A-list budget

Social media is filled with beautiful, curated travel posts from celebrities and influences alike. It’s easy to be a little envious of A-listers jetting off on private planes, lounging on yachts and frolicking on private beaches.

But it is possible to plan an indulgent travel experience without spending like the rich and famous, says Natalie Preddie, a lifestyle and travel writer.

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“When you’re looking for a really exciting celebrity-like holiday, what you want is something that’s enhanced, that’s exclusive, so you’re looking for value for money,” she told hosts of Global’s The Morning Show.

Planning in advance is the best way to score a luxury vacation at a fraction of the price, said Preddie. Booking travel within six days of leaving can increase costs by more than 20 per cent, according to Expedia. 

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Reward points

There are several ways you can get the best value for your money when splurging on a trip, Preddie explained.

Using the right reward card can make a huge difference — some cards can bump you up to first class, she said.

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“You want to use a card that’s flexible, so it’s ready when you are,” she said.

It’s important to do your research when finding a rewards card that’s right for you.

Having a card that allows multiple ways to use your points will make a difference when it comes to having to book your flight, a rental car or a hotel, Preddie added.

“Those are the ones you want to look for,” she said.

Travel in the off-season

Certain destinations are teeming with tourists at certain times of year, specifically during the summer months when children are off from school and the weather is the warmest.

But those places remain the same in the less popular months, so why not travel at a cheaper time?

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“The crowds are gone, you have less people there and you’re not lining up for things,” she said. “September, or even in the spring, you have the same experience without that cost.”

Click to play video 'Making travel more affordable' Making travel more affordable
Making travel more affordable

Prices in Europe tend to be up to 27 per cent less in the off-season, allowing Canadians to save if they avoid the summer months, travel expert Cris David previously told Global News.

“Off-season airfares are often hundreds of dollars cheaper, as well,” he said.

Dining at odd hours

If you’d have no problem having a late lunch, or an early dinner, then you’d be able to sample some of the most exclusive restaurants without worrying about reservations, said Preddie.

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Happy hour deals or afternoon specials can make dining options more accessible if you want to venture to some celebrity hangouts, she said.

“You can still do the fancy restaurants,” she said. “You can go for lunch or breakfast, and that’s where you’re going to find a fixed-price menu, which may be cheaper… You still get to check out that atmosphere.”

It’s all about choosing where you put your dollars, Preddie explained. 

For more advice on how to travel like a celebrity, watch Preddie on The Morning Show in the video above. 

— With files from Patricia Kozicka and Tomasia DaSilva