Radioplayer Canada app tops 1M downloads

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The Radioplayer Canada app just surpassed one million downloads in the Apple app store and Google Play store combined — less than three years after launching.

Radioplayer Canada is the only streaming app in the country that brings together nearly 500 Canadian radio stations across multiple platforms. It’s often highlighted as one of Canada’s top 10 most downloaded free apps.

From news to music to talk radio, the accessible stations run the gamut, and are represented by media giants like Corus Entertainment (which owns Global News) and Rogers Media. It’s not all big names, either; Radioplayer Canada also streams many college radio, grassroots and local stations.

Through the Radioplayer app, Canadians currently spend around 3.7 million hours per month listening to those radio stations, which marks a five per cent increase in listenership in only six months.

“Two and a half years ago, the majority of Canadian radio broadcasters joined together to collaborate on technology in order to make radio listening easy for the audience — whenever, wherever and however they want,” says Julie Adam, board chair of Radioplayer Canada and senior vice-president of Rogers Radio.

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“Clearly, Canadian radio lovers have responded by downloading the Radioplayer app more than a million times.”

The service is comparable to on-demand programming: your favourite Edmonton talk show may air in the middle of the day when you’re at work, but you can listen to it when it’s convenient for you.

How Radioplayer Canada Works
How Radioplayer Canada Works.

Radioplayer Canada goes well beyond English and French, too, including multiple other languages to reach more of Canada’s diverse audience.

The app gives you easy access to tune in to live radio broadcasts and to listen to the ones you may have missed.

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“The great thing about this is it’s the whole Canadian radio industry working together, save for one company,” notes Troy Reeb, the senior vice-president of Corus Radio and Global News.

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“There’s a single standard for where you can get access to almost any kind of format, any kind of music, any kind of opinion, and hopefully a lot of news, in one place.”

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You can download the app here for Google Play and iOS.

Radioplayer Canada and Global News are both properties of Corus Entertainment.

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