Comedian’s stolen car recovered, but joke journal, other items missing

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After having his car stolen while on performing on stage Friday night, Kelowna stand-up comic Matt Baker got a phone call Monday from the RCMP telling him they had found his car – Nov 5, 2019

When thieves took off with Matt Baker’s car on Friday night, he didn’t know if he’d ever see it again.

On Monday afternoon, police called Baker was reunited with his Nissan Sentra.

It was a bittersweet recovery, though, as everything inside the car was stolen, including his prized joke journal.

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Baker said when he retrieved his car, which he was living in, “there was a smashed (rear) window like I thought. Nothing is in it. The roof box was (broken) into.

“My backpack is gone, plus just over $2,000 worth of snowboard stuff, passport, cash . . . all the things that I would have liked to have gotten back are definitely gone.

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“Stoked to see the car, but sad to know that the things in it are very much gone.”

The car was stolen while he was performing at Dakoda’s Sports Bar and Grill on Harvey Avenue, with surveillance video catching the moment.

It was eventually ditched at a parking lot in Rutland, at 140 Commercial Drive. Baker said a nearby neighbor noticed the car and called police, who, in turn, contacted the comedian.

Baker said he’d love to see his joke journal returned, “as it’s nice to have the written history of the funny things and not funny things I like to say.”

He noted his stolen passport has been cancelled, and that he’ll be getting a new one.

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Prior to the car being stolen, Baker was prepping it to sell, with just temporary, three-day insurance on it, so he could move to Halifax.

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Now that his car has been returned, the plan is still on.

“Mixed emotions,” Baker replied on how he’s feeling. “Happy to see the car. It’s the first car I ever bought with my own money, so I’m happy to see her back; she’s been great to me, drove me across the country a few times.

“But knowing that all the other things I had in there that had sentimental value are gone, that still kind of sucks.”

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When the Nissan was stolen, Baker had just basic insurance on it, which means his stolen possessions weren’t covered. After getting it back, Baker says he’s placed theft on it.

“If someone’s brave enough to take it again,” he said, “ideally I’ll compensate from it.”


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