‘Ghostbusters’ go ‘Back to the Future’ to support Calgary military veterans

Click to play video: '‘Ghostbusters’ go ‘Back to the Future’ at Halloween event to support Calgary military veterans' ‘Ghostbusters’ go ‘Back to the Future’ at Halloween event to support Calgary military veterans
WATCH: Some creative Calgarians are joining forces to bring a bit of classic 80s movie magic to life this Halloween. Here’s Gil Tucker with some hardcore fans gearing up for the fun and helping others while they’re at it – Oct 30, 2019

It’s quite a sight in the driveway of Ken Graham’s Calgary home: a 1982 DeLorean car, with its distinctive winged doors, customized to look like the famous version of the vehicle featured in the Back to the Future movies.

Graham, who happens to work as an auto mechanic, put in long hours modifying the car, to make it as similar as possible to the DeLorean time machine designed by the character Doc Brown in the famous movie trilogy.

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Sitting behind the wheel, Graham enjoys pointing out the features he’s added.

“Behind me we have the flux capacitor,” Graham said. “We can turn our time circuits on and we can actually dial in our dates.”

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Creating his own replica of the famous car was a labour of love for Graham.

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“This was my dream when I was a child when I first saw the movie,” Graham said.

Graham displayed the car at his home on Halloween night last year, with about 1,000 kids and their families stopping by to check it out.

And when he puts it out in his driveway again this year, there will be an extra movie-related treat in store for the trick-or-treating crowds.

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Graham has invited members of the Alberta Ghostbusters group to join him.

“I got wind there was a DeLorean in the neighbourhood,” the group’s Jordan Hayes said. “So who ya gonna call?”

Members of the fan group will be there with costumes and props, along with a hearse modified to look like the ghost-hunting vehicle driven by the main characters in the movies.

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Creating a mashup of Back to the Future and Ghostbusters just seemed like a good fit.

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Graham is hoping the excitement generated will boost contributions to a charity effort he’s supporting with the Halloween attraction: he’s encouraging visitors to bring donations to the Veteran Association Food Bank in Calgary.

“I myself am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces,” Graham said.

“They’re my brothers at arms and I’m going to stand by them and help them out any way I can.”

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The two groups will be out on Halloween night outside Graham’s house at 113 Auburn Sound Manor SE.

The Alberta Ghostbusters have made charity appearances to benefit children’s hospitals in Alberta, and they’re now looking forward to supporting veterans.

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“Let’s all team up, let’s get some food donations,” Hayes said. “Let’s collaborate and bring smiles to faces.”


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