Alberta group uses its love of Ghostbusters franchise to help local charities

WATCH ABOVE: Phil Darlington speaks to the Alberta Ghostbusters group at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Members of an Alberta group are taking their love of Ghostbusters and using it to raise money for a local cause close to their hearts.

The Alberta Ghostbusters consider themselves not only super fans of the iconic film series; but also a group that strives to make a difference in their local communities.

There are currently about 35 members spread across the province, and this weekend, some of them are at the Edmonton Expo collecting donations for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“[We’re] encouraging people to give donations and take pictures with us. We’re also selling some promotional items like lanyards, stickers [and] mugs,” said Alberta Ghostbusters member Mario Giguere.

The group raises thousands of dollars at its events and is registered as a non-profit. Members attend events all around the province throughout the year, including other major ones like K-Days and the Calgary Stampede.

Participants are committed to the cause but also to looking the part. They are all required to put together an authentic Ghostbusters uniform to join the group. Giguere says that their passion for the franchise makes it a fun project to do.

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“The uniform wasn’t too long, it’s a U.S. Army flight suit,” said Giguere.

“The pack was definitely the part that took the longest to build.”

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WATCH BELOW: Phil Darlington explores the sights and sounds of the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Superheroes and villains take over at the Edmonton Expo
Superheroes and villains take over at the Edmonton Expo

Not only are they hoping Edmonton Expo attendees will line up for photos; they’ve also collected items they’re raffling off to raise even more for the Stollery.

“We even have a signed poster by Jason Reitman, who’s currently filming the new movie,” said Giguere.

Reitman is a Canadian director who is currently filming a sequel to the original two Ghostbusters films that were directed by his father, Ivan Reitman.

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The Alberta Ghostbusters will be at the Edmonton Expo all weekend.