Snowdon street corner merits crossing guard, Montreal police say

Click to play video: 'Snowdon street corner merits crossing guard: Montreal police' Snowdon street corner merits crossing guard: Montreal police
WATCH: Snowdon street corner merits crossing guard: Montreal police – Oct 28, 2019

After studying the traffic situation on a street corner in Montreal’s Snowdown district, police say a school crossing guard should be put in place.

Officials from the SPVM have filed a recommendation with the city of Montreal to instate a crossing guard on the corner of Dupuis and Clanranald avenues.

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The news comes after numerous complaints from a Montreal pedestrian group, residents and school officials from the nearby elementary school École des Cinq-Continents.

Those who frequent the Snowdon neighbourhood say the intersection has been the scene of many close calls as pedestrians dodge oncoming traffic.

Students and parents frequently cross the street during the morning rush hour as they head to school. The vice-principal and other staff members direct the busy intersection so children can pass safely.

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“The vice-principal has had herself spread-eagle on the front of cars at the risk to her life and limb just to stop people,” resident and Pedestrian Montreal member Nigel Spencer said.

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Spencer is relieved to hear the news. He says residents in the area have been calling for the intersection to be made safer for almost 16 years.

“It’s been an open sore for a long time,” Spencer said.

During that time, the borough has by responded placing several traffic-calming measures on the street, including signs, flashing lights and a painted five-metre clearance marking.

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery has been part of the Vision Zero campaign since 2017.

Vision Zero was adopted in Sweden in 1997 and is based on the principle that “it is unacceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when they are travelling on the road network.”

Next year, the borough plans on adding a curb extension at the pedestrian crossing on Clanranald Avenue.

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Parent Isabelle Paille told Global News on Monday she was glad to see action being taken on the issue.

“It was about time,” Paille said. “It took too many complaints from me and others before the police got involved.”

She claims she sees potentially dangerous incidents every day.

The borough reports only two minor accidents between vehicles have been reported on the corner between 2013 and 2018.

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Montreal police filed their recommendation with the city after Global News reported the story.

Spencer says residents were hoping to have a crossing guard in place by the beginning of the school year but they will have to wait a little longer.

“As soon as possible it will be most welcome. People will celebrate,” Spencer said.

When and if the school crossing guard will be put in place remains to be seen as it depends entirely on the city’s approval.

No date has yet been confirmed by officials on when they will review the file.

There are 520 permanent school crossing guard positions on the island of Montreal, according to the city.


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