Federal election 2019: Status quo in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made a speech to cheering crowds in Montreal, Que. following his party's minority government win, where he thanked supporters for having "faith" in his team and promised to those who did not vote for him that "we will work every single day for you, and we will govern for everyone."

A couple of faces are the only changes following Monday’s federal election as the same number of Liberal, Conservative and NDP MPs will represent ridings in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara.

The NDP’s Matthew Green, Conservative Tony Baldinelli and Liberal Anita Anand are the only changes in the three regions as the trio became MPs in Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Oakville.

Meanwhile, Conservative David Sweet squeaked out a victory in Flamborough–Glanbrook after a neck-and-neck battle with Liberal Jennifer Stebbing.

However, after 40 days of campaigning, there was no change in the region’s electoral map. Here’s a look at what happened riding by riding after Monday’s vote.

Hamilton Centre

Former Hamilton city councillor Matthew Green will represent Hamilton Centre in Ottawa. Green picked up 46.26 per cent of the vote and will take over for former fellow New Democrat David Christopherson, who retired on July 5.

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As the newly elected New Democrat MP in Hamilton Centre, Green says he wants to tackle the root causes of problems like climate change and affordable housing.

“We see what happens when bad decision making trickles down to cities and crises happen here, whether it’s housing or opioids or economic inequality,” said Green. “People are facing real struggles and we want to be there for them.”

Federal Election 2019: Scheer says results show Canada is ‘further divided’
Federal Election 2019: Scheer says results show Canada is ‘further divided’

Hamilton East–Stoney Creek

Liberal and former Hamilton mayor Bob Bratina will continue as MP of Hamilton East–Stoney Creek, winning 38.50 per cent of the vote in the riding on Monday night.

Bratina admitted following his win that the way the national campaign was run was a little uncomfortable for him.

“My fear is that American-style politics is infesting Canadian politics and I think it’s going to be up to the media to a great extent to temper that,” said Bratina.

Pharmacare, national infrastructure projects and an increase in seniors’ pensions are on his party’s wishlist going into the next term in Ottawa.

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Hamilton Mountain

Scott Duvall will have a second term as MP of Hamilton Mountain. The former Hamilton city councillor won the riding with 36.17 per cent of the vote.

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After his win, the NDP’s Duvall said the minority government will be an interesting dynamic on Parliament Hill.

“I can’t say definitely what’s going to happen until we have a caucus meeting, but I’m sure they will be working with us and we can get some of our issues to go forward with.”

Federal Election 2019: Jagmeet Singh outlines NDP priorities following election night
Federal Election 2019: Jagmeet Singh outlines NDP priorities following election night

Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas

Liberal Filomena Tassi was the winner once again in Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas with 46.35 per cent of the vote.

Following the victory, Tassi was grateful for all the support she received during some difficult months in the campaign and the death of her mother.

“The last month, as many know, has been a challenging one for me,” said Tassi. “It’s my team that carried me through, my family that loved me through it and the faith that sustained me.”

The MP says creating middle-class jobs and increasing old age security by 10 per cent are initiatives she promises to pursue during her next term in Ottawa.

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Conservative David Sweet won a close race in Flamborough–Glanbrook and will continue as the region’s MP for a second straight term.

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Sweet beat Liberal Jennifer Stebbing by 649 votes.

Sweet says his Conservatives will continue working to hold the Liberals to account.

“We’re going to continue to remind Canadians that an ethical government is what they need, they don’t need a government that’s mired in scandal like SNC Lavalin, like ethics scandals we’ve seen in the past,” Sweet said following his re-election. “We also have to hold (the government) accountable for fiscal policy.”


Liberal Karina Gould will continue as the MP in Burlington for a second straight term in the region. Gould won the riding with 48.17 per cent of the vote, beating Conservative Jane Michael.


Conservative Diane Finley has now won six straight elections in Haldimand-Norfolk. She’s represented the region as MP since 2004.

Finley had 46.71 per cent of the vote with Liberal Kim Huffman far behind with just 24.44 per cent.

Federal Election 2019: Elizabeth May full concession speech
Federal Election 2019: Elizabeth May full concession speech

Niagara Centre

Liberal Vance Badawey won a second straight term in Niagara Centre beating Conservative April Jeffs and the NDP’s Malcolm Allen in a relatively close race with 34.94 per cent of the vote.

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Niagara Falls

Conservative Tony Baldinelli won a close race in Niagara Falls, beating Liberal Andrea Kaiser by just over 2,000 votes.

Baldinelli takes over from former fellow Conservative Rob Nicholson, who retired from politics in April.

Niagara West

Conservative Dean Allison was the winner in Niagara West with 45.51 per cent of the vote. The win means Allison will continue as the MP for the riding for a second straight term.

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Liberal Anita Anand was a winner in Oakville, beating Conservative Terence Young with 46.33 per cent of the vote. Anand holds onto the region for the Liberals after John Oliver announced he was leaving federal politics to spend more time with his family.

Oakville North—Burlington

Pam Damoff will continue to represent the Liberals in Oakville North—Burlington winning another term as MP with 48.08 per cent of the vote.